Time off is a great way to reflect on your business, your lifestyle and your work-life balance. Day in day out we’re focussed on ticking off ‘to-do’ list, which rarely gives us much room for thinking space.

Relaxing could be anything from reading a book, walking the dog, exercise to sitting poolside with a cocktail. A break from work shouldn’t be seen as a non-productive day meaning you’ll have to catch up with work later, it should be taken as a day to reflect and re-energise.

Having a break will give you a chance to take a step back and take a look at what you’ve been working on from the outside. Is your brand portraying the right message? Is the use of your logo, styling and marketing material consistent? Questions that can be mulled over in the back of your mind without requiring immediate action.

Don’t burn out
By being a night owl you may believe you’re crossing a lot off your list, but is your work to the best standard? Trading sleep, fun or relaxation for longer working hours has been proven to reduce creativity, precision and shows difficulty to maintain the same level of productivity.

“Sleep makes us more productive, creative, less stressed and much healthier and happier.”
Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington alongside Google, Nationwide Planning Associates and Procter & Gamble provide ‘nap rooms’ for staff to recharge and therefore work more productively by napping on the job. It’s said that 15 minutes catching some shut-eye can boost your energy and reduce stress levels.

Richard Branson, Virgin group founder visiting the Virgin Australia offices pictured with an employee on standby, getting some much needed rest.

Work may be on your mind, but it shouldn’t take over your health. Giving yourself time to unwind and take time out should be a regular occurrence, which is why many entrepreneurs take to hiking, a day out of the office or remove themselves from distractions such as laptops, phones and tablets.

“You often do your best thinking when you’re off hiking in some mountain or something. You get a different perspective on things.”
Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO

Work life balance
Time out of the office opens your mind to new experiences. You won’t be able to appreciate the world from behind a computer screen which is why even a weekend away could be beneficial to you and provide you with inspiration to develop new ideas.

Getting a good work-life balance means you won’t end up resenting the career you were once passionate about and keep your motivation on point!

Words: Jennifer Grose
Sources: inc.com, huffingtonpost.com