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Your business is established and your logo is recognisable, but don’t let developing a new look scare you – blow the cobwebs off your current design! Many companies rebrand in order to rekindle their relationship with customers. Don’t rely on the fact that you have been around for years – competitors will emerge and could attract new customers from your target market, or existing customers may feel the urge to take their business to a new swanky organisation.

eharmony is a prime example of how a considered logo refurbish can revolutionise your brand. At 17 years old the online matchmaking website has recently had a facelift. One of the first dating websites founded back in 2000, the website now boasts 33 million members.

The website is used to find life-long companions, rather than the alternative dating sites that attract short-term relationships or ‘no strings’ dating.

Previous logo

According to eharmony’s in house senior manager of creative services Shaily Savla “The last colours were dark, muted and did not represent love in the best light. We wanted a palette that was colourful, uplifting and evoked unity.”

New logo

The logo is not the only element to receive a spring clean, the website has been updated to appear more streamlined and user friendly. eharmony UX design manager Tony Smith said “It was clunky, restrictive and a painful experience on mobile,” says Smith. “The way people communicate has evolved. We now have a much more intuitive messaging platform that allows people to choose how to reach out to each other.”

Revisiting your brand shouldn’t be considered disloyal to your existing clients or disregarding the work already put in. Rebranding shows your business is looking forward and developing. eharmony have listened to their customer base and altered the user experience based on feedback, meaning now they have a website that is much more user-friendly and adaptable to multiple devices, and a logo that promotes a positive outlook on dating.

Words: Jennifer Wood

Source: designweek.co.uk