Meet the designer

Hi! I’m Jennifer, a graphic designer here on the Isle of Man.
I love to work with brands – businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporate entities.

When I’m not designing you can find me out in the countryside walking my dogs or tucked away with a book!

How did Grose Design start?

Grose Design (pronounced Gr-oh-s …just think of ‘gross’) came about after further education and employed experience within different companies. Some of these companies were creative focused and others were very corporate environments, either way, office life wasn’t for me. I wanted the freedom and flexibility to meet with clients, bounce ideas around and be a part of the design process. Explore different styles rather than follow instructions on how the final design needs to look.

Jennifer Grose Design opened for business in 2016, after the first year I formed Grose Design Limited. Shortly after my company was formed, I got married and was now Jennifer Wood! When it came down to business I decided to stick with Grose Design rather than using (the obvious option) ‘Wood Design’ to reflect my new surname.

My company is now continuing as Grose Design, to reflect my maiden name and the irony in the fact I take pride in my work and would never consider any designs I put out into the world as ‘Gross’.

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